Fishery Facts

Record Catch:21lb
Average Catch:7lb - 12lb

Old School Pond

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Back in the summer we took on the task of re-creating Old School Pond. Being at the inlet end of our fishery the silt accumilation over a couple hundred years meant that we had to employ the use of long reach excavators and other heavy machinery to remove silt that was built up almost to the surface down to depths of 4-5 feet in places. We estimate 300 - 350 tonnes of silt was removed in all.


With the removal of overgrown vegetation and trees and the creation of new swims together with, transporting existing stock from the main lake I think what we have ended up with is a pleasent, vibrant little lake stocked with silver fish and small carp that give the perfect introduction for anyone, young and old that wish to get in to the sport.


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