Fishery Rules

1. An environment Agency Licence is required to fish these waters. The fishery allows a maximum of three rods per angler on the main lake only (2 licences are required for 3 rods!)

2. For security purposes night fisherman’s vehicles will be locked in on the site at closing time until 7.00am the following morning. Anglers may leave during the night for emergencies only.

3. Non-fishing night guests are limited to 1 per fisherman per night and must pay a £10.00 insurance premium.

4. No tents, windbreaks or non-fishing related camping gear to be used. Recognisable fishing bivvies or umbrellas only.

5. Fishing is from recognisable swims or pegs only.

6. Under no circumstances are vehicles to be driving onto the lakeside. Parking in the car park only.

7. Barbless or micro-barbed hooks only.

8. No lead core or death rigs.

9. No sacking of fish at any time.

10. All anglers must possess an unhooking mat and a landing net of 42” minimum size when fishing for carp.

11.  Please make sure all nets, slings and un-hooking mats are bone dry before entering the fishery.

12. All fish to be returned to the water as safely and as quickly possible. Any abuse of the fish will result in the angler being banned!

13. No dogs, wading, swimming or walking on ice.

14. No fires or unsupported BBQs. No continuously burning lights at night. No loud radios or TVs.

15. NO LITTER, especially waste nylon. All rubish to be taken home with you, no exceptions.

16. Alcohol is to be used sensibly and in moderation.

17. The management accepts no responsibility for injury, death, loss, damage or theft to persons, cars or equipment whilst on the complex and reserves the right the close all or parts of said complex at any time.

18. Any subject not covered by these rules is at the discretion of the management. If you are in any doubt ask. Any problems or occurrences we will try to deal with as fairly as possible.

19. No trespassing into adjoining school, fields or woodland, anyone caught entering the fishery via any other route other than the main gate will be asked to leave immediately.

20. Toilets are provided for your convenience, please use them.

21. No bait boats.