Autumn Blog Posted 9th October 2017 at 16:28

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As its been a while we thought we should update you on all that’s been going on at Combe Bank Fisheries over the past few months. In the last blog we had just started the work on our new track and car park to the lake, this is now almost complete and what a different it has made! We still need to put the top layer of ogging on, however, we will wait until this layer has properly bedded in before we do this. We can now drive up to the lake whatever the weather with no fear of getting stuck and park in the secure hard standing car park. The car park has security fencing around the perimeter and a locked gate at all times so you know your vehicle is safe whilst you fish.

We have also taken careful consideration when improving and creating swims to make sure we do not crowd the lake or indeed take away any of its natural charm. As we have said previously this is a 400 year old estate lake and over the years it has accumulated many interesting features that we are keen to protect. During our work in the summer whilst removing a snag we decided to expose the old boat house which can now be visibly seen from the far bank.

In common with many lakes, during the summer months we suffer from low levels of dissolved oxygen. We have recently installed two paddle like aerators, which when turned on increase the levels of dissolved oxygen in the water, thus keeping our stock fit and healthy during this time. The work on reducing the Pennyworth Lilies has continued and hopefully we will see further benefits of this next spring. Over the course of the winter we intend on carrying out more work that we feel will benefit the lake over the long term. We have already purchased a heavy duty silt pump which will enable us to reduce the level of silt at the shallower end of the lake.

In addition to this the big job we have in mind over the course of the winter is to enlarge Old School Pond, improve the contours and stock it with some of the smaller Carp and Silver Fish from the existing Combe Bank Lake. What we strive to achieve is a vibrant little lake of about an acre.

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